Senior Classes

Induction Sessions – Pre Training

Before you get stuck in with your wrestling training, it’s good to have a grasp on the basics. At House of Pain Academy we hold an induction session every month where you can meet other new starters, get a tour of the facilities and meet the staff, before getting on with learning the movements you need to join in with one of our Senior One level classes. 

There is no required level of fitness to take part in one of our induction sessions, you will be asked to complete an exercise readiness questionnaire on arrival, and everything we do can be catered around your fitness levels. We do ask that you attend in comfortable sports wear and sensible sports footwear, and that you bring a drink with you.

Induction sessions cost £10, and once you have completed a session, you are welcome to join any of our Senior One sessions.

Seniors One – Beginners/Novice Level

House of Pain Academy’s specially constructed syllabus will guide you through the basic movements you will need for your first and some of the psychology behind those movements. The syllabus is delivered over 20 weeks, and although everyone will graduate to the Senior Two level classes at different times, our trainees are well supported throughout the early stages of their wrestling journey.

We have 6 Senior One level classes every week, at 6.30pm every weekday and at 1.30pm on Sundays. We recommend at this stage that trainees wear knee pads and footwear that protects the ankle such as training boots, and we have recommendations for both of these on our active private Facebook Trainee group.

Seniors Two – Intermediate / Developing Performers Level

Once you have completed all of the required components of the Senior One syllabus, and your progress has been discussed by the training team, you will be invited to join our more challenging Senior Two classes. These classes go more in depth than the novice level classes, with more technical moves and more advanced psychology and showmanship. It is during the syllabus of the Senior Two level classes where you will begin to prepare for your debut match in one of our bi-annual Debut Day shows, and work on bringing your wrestling persona to life.

Senior Three – Elite / Performer Level

At House of Pain Academy we believe that the best education you can get in Professional Wrestling takes place in front of a live crowd. Our Senior 3 Classes take the form of specially constructed match scenarios, offering the opportunity for the trainees to think on their feet and advance their in-ring skills.

Eligible Senior Three level trainees will be offered further opportunities to practice their skills on our well attended professional shows in and around Nottinghamshire. With at least 6 shows per month all year round, this is the perfect place to hone your skills and create your show reels before embarking on a career in the wider British Wrestling industry.

Senior Drills

These high octane, fast paced classes are suitable for level Two and Three trainees, with drills focussing on endurance, footwork, ring positioning and stamina.

The Academy runs two of these classes per week, and while they are entirely optional and do not form part of the syllabus requirements, many trainees have found them valuable preparation for performance.

Junior Classes

If your child is a wrestling fan, and between the ages of 8 and 13, and they would love to have a try at wrestling themselves, then our Juniors classes are perfect for you.

The juniors syllabus, created with fun at the forefront will take the junior trainees through the basics, and age appropriate training, and give them the opportunity to live out their dreams in a safe environment. Each Juniors class is taken by the Junior Wrestling Lead, and at least one Training Assistant, dependant on class numbers in line with the Child to Adult Supervision ratios suggested by the NSPCC.

Juniors Classes take place on a Saturday morning at 11.30 and Monday Evening at 4.30, and cost only £10 per session. Parents are welcome to stay for the session.

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