Meet Our Staff

The House of Pain Academy training staff are among the most highly regarded in the UK, with extensive experience wrestling in the UK and Europe. All our staff, both training and administrative, are fully trained to the highest standards, with full first aid and safeguarding training where relevant, and as many of them are House of Pain Alumni, this is indicative of the standard of teaching they have received.

Head Trainer – Stixx (Paul Grint)

Stixx Profile

Since making his debut for FWA in 2001, Stixx has become a regular on the UK Wrestling circuit over the last two decades, wrestling for the top companies in the UK (Progress, Southside, NGW, PAID, LCW, All Star, Megaslam, LDN), as well as appearing for Dragongate, and wrestling in Europe, and has been in the ring with some of the best in the world. In addition to this extensive wrestling schedule, Stixx has also been running the House of Pain Academy since 2006, taking it from one lesson per week, to a full time facility in that time. Stixx is known up and down the country as one of the best wrestling trainers in the UK, and the quality of the training staff he has assembled, all of whom trained under him, is a testament to that.

Ask him about the time he wrestled Mick Foley…

Junior Wrestling Lead Trainer – Davey Thompson (Tom Davey)

Davey Profile

A relative newcomer to the British Wrestling scene, Davey can be found working throughout the UK with Megaslam, United, and others, as well as being a mainstay on House of Pain Academy shows as both a tag team and singles wrestler.  He has been a regular trainer at the Academy since 2018, and is responsible for the Junior Wrestling teaching and syllabus.

Associate Trainer – Matt Hopkins

Matt Profile



Associate Trainer and In-House PT – Riley Ashworth

Riley Profile



Associate Trainer – Diamond Dave Andrews

DDA Profile



Training Assistant – Declan Breedon

Dec Profile

Dec is a relative newcomer to the House of Pain Academy, having only started training with us in Spring of 2019, and made his in-ring debut in late 2019. He works regularly for Megaslam, performing for large crowds all over the UK as his in-ring persona “Ricky Reagan”.  Outside of wrestling Dec is an Apprentice Primary PE Assistant, meaning that he is perfectly suited to assisting Davey in the instruction of the Junior Classes. 


Training Assistant – Hadley Pearson

Hadley Profile

Hadley has been a member of the House of Pain Academy since XX, and made his in ring performing debut in XX. As one of the youngest members of the House of Pain roster, he has taken to his role as a Training Assistant for Junior Wrestling like the proverbial duck to water, aiding with the instruction of our most junior trainees. In his spare time, Hadley runs and creates videos for his own youtube channels, focussing on his love of theme parks.


Safeguarding Team

The HOP Safeguarding Team report to the Designated Safeguarding Lead about any and all concerns raised regarding the training and performing environment. The Team is made up of the HOP leadership team and independent members. The safeguarding team meets monthly to discuss best practice and training, and annually to review all safeguarding policy documents. 

To contact the safeguarding team, please email


Community Engagement Team. 

The Community Engagement team aims to promote the work of the Academy through visits to local youth services and community groups, opening discussions about barriers to entering the wrestling industry for local young people, particularly those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. This committee would have been appointed in 2020, however this has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and will now be appointed in the late 2021. It is hoped that this Committee will lead to the formation of a HOP Community Engagement Scholarship Fund, which will help to remove some of the financial barriers for those interested in pursuing a career within the Wrestling Industry.

Director of Operations – Laura Grint

Laura Profile

Dealing with the day to day running of the business side of the Academy is Laura Grint. Using her wealth of experience working within the public sector, and her long term love of Pro Wrestling, Laura is committed to supporting the Academy’s solid and respected training ethos, and combine that with a strategic overview and strong policies, procedures and guidance to ensure smooth running and a continuation of the Academy’s success. 


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